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Apr 9
“God can do amazing things through you. But He may do this in a way that looks very unglamorous to the world, and He may even do this in a way that means you don’t see results of His work in this lifetime.” Why I’ll never be a Pinterest mum

“UK Church Attendance: The number of churches by denomination with the average size of their congregation are as follows: There are 16,247 Anglican churches in England, with an average congregation size of 54. 5,999 Methodist churches with an average congregation size of 48. 3,656 R. Catholic churches – average congregation 244 2,386 Baptist churches – average congregation 107 2,281 independent churches – average congregation 84 2,227 Pentecostal churches – average congregation 129 1,470 URC churches – average congregation 48 1,307 ‘new’ churches – average congregation 140 317 Orthodox churches – average congregation 81 and 1,611 churches of other descriptions with an average congregation of 63.” 8 Reasons Most Churches Are Below 200 | Paul Benger

Mar 14

Mississippi River basin


Mississippi River basin

Mar 7

Mar 1
“Research indicates we are given to tribal thinking and confirmation bias and defend those “feelings” with rational justifications we most often mistake for a linear line of thought, as though we are objective.” Donald Miller

Feb 8
“Some scientists believe that the melting of the Arctic ice cap has caused the jet stream to track further south, leading to more storms channeled across the UK.”

Feb 4
“In 2004, the government’s chief scientific adviser, David King, warned that climate change posed a bigger threat to the UK than terrorism. The claim seemed to me at the time to be preposterously hyperbolic. Very quickly the comparison becomes vividly precise.”

Feb 1
“Don’t forget Francophone Africa”

Jan 26
“The central charge Chilcot appears likely to make is that the decision on war was the beginning, not the end, of the process; that an agreement on military action was made early, and secretly, with President Bush; and that it was done without evidential justification, proper procedures, legal advice or adequate military planning.”

Jan 23
“It is easy to idealize small-scale democracy or minimize the real differences that exist in large societies. But as any organizer of focus groups can tell you, people’s views on highly emotional subjects will change just thirty minutes into a face-to-face discussion with people of differing views, provided that they are given common information and ground rules to enforce civility. Few single-issue advocates will maintain that his or her cause will trump all other good things if forced to directly confront those alternative needs.”

“State Capitalism, which most confuse with a free market, is most properly understood as a form of Socialism in a Hayekian sense of statist control. That is to say, it is banditry under guise of law. It would also be economically accurate to label it Fascism, Mercantilism, or Corporate Statism. Conversely, a truly free market (or Capitalism in the Randian sense of non-aggression minus Rand’s own personal fetish for Big Business) would, I maintain, bear a striking similarity to the vision of anti-state socialists and distributists.” Brad SpanglerForward To The Agorist Class Theory (via c4ss)

Jan 21
“When I was 25, I believed I could change the world. At 40, I have come to the realization that I cannot change my wife, my church, or my kids, to say nothing of the world. Try as I might, I have not been able to manufacture outcomes the way I thought I could, either in my own life or other people’s. Unfulfilled dreams, ongoing relational tension, the loss of friendships, a hard marriage, rebellious teenagers, the death of loved ones, remaining sinful patterns—whatever it is for you—live long enough, lose enough, suffer enough, and the idealism of youth fades, leaving behind the reality of life in a broken world as a broken person. Life has had a way of proving to me that I’m not on the constantly-moving-forward escalator of progress I thought I was on when I was twenty-five.”

“So, if we read (or preach) the Bible asking first, “What would Jesus do?” instead of asking “What has Jesus done” we’ll miss the good news that alone can set us free. Evangelicals desperately need to recover the truth that the overwhelming focus of the Bible is not the work of the redeemed but the work of the Redeemer.” >

Jan 12

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